Are you struggling to return to your former self
after an illness or injury?

Many times patients come to us because they feel like they are missing out on life due to a disability, illness or injury and just want to regain their sense of independence.

Limited range of motion, aches and pains are common complaints that our patients experience before we work with them. They typically experience a sense of loss of functioning in everyday life.

Our goal for our patients is to help them reach full recovery and start enjoying life again. We are often able to succeed using the right techniques where others have failed.

What if you could
1. Achieve full range of motion

2. Could do the things you used to do

3. Reduced or eliminated the pain

4. Return to work more quickly

AccuCare Rehabilitation Center has been helping patients achieve full recovery.

AccuCare has a highly trained staff of therapists providing physical therapy for orthopedic/sports physical therapy, work related injuries, pre/post-op therapy.


I'm in high school and went out for football this year. I knew it was a tough sport but my knee got twisted in training and I was worried. I had to get it back fast so I wouldn't miss the season. AccuCare has worked with sports rehabilitation for athletes before so they knew what to do. They got me back in just a few weeks and I'm having a great time playing this year.


When I broke my hip I found that I was so limited in what I could do. I wasn't sure I'd walk normally again without pain. AccuCare made the process of recovery more tolerable. It was a lot of work to get moving again but the support I got helped me put this in the past.
Thanks Jim and AccuCare!


I was in a bad car accident and had whiplash as a result. It was so painful to move my neck. I worked with AccuCare over a number of weeks and they help relieve my pain from the accident and now I find I'm fully recovered and do everything I used to do. AccuCare really helped me out.


Please go to our patients page to discover the typical types of patients we work with.

AccuCare Rehabilitation Center in Arlington Heights: Your first step to full recovery


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